The Summit – 2021 Issue

Semantic analysis of infographic rhetoric: Implications for teaching media literacy
Ralph D. Calbang

How do math teachers help their students learn from the four learning delivery modalities?
Anne Canlyn M. Manlutac

Revisiting the national service training program in the light of the 21st century skills and mandates for national emergency preparedness
Hilzon John L. Salvador

Teachers’ perceptions and practices on managing junior high schoo! physical education class with students perceived to be LGBT
Sharlet Q. Balacuit

Unearthing meaning from the evaluation of online distance teaching:
Inputs toward the enhancement of a faculty evaluation tool
Irene S. Tala

Am I in or out?: Fear of missing out (FOMO) tendencies on social media among working young adults
Cheyenne Marie De Leon Galang

#sistepup: A special program for female learners living with stepfathers
Rhodora V. Capulong

Exploring the emergent new normal teaching competencies: Inputs for recalibrating pre-service teacher training
Kimberly G. Mallari

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