The Research and Planning Office (RPO) is the service unit of the University of the Assumption responsible for the promotion of research culture and productivity among its faculty and students. It assists in propelling the University to be engaged in relevant research endeavors for institutional planning and community extension; and for the generation of new knowledge and technology for the transformation of individuals and communities in the society and beyond.


UA-RPO envisions itself as a service unit committed to:

  • Help concretize the University‚Äôs vision-mission and goals through excellent research services in the University and its immediate community;
  • Assist in making research an integral part of all academic and professional activities in the institution, thereby making researcha way of life in the University;
  • Promote research as a tool in effectively enhancing relevant and meaningful instruction;
  • Assist in creating a proactive and productive research culture that strongly encourages the conduct of scholarly research;
  • Disseminate findings of completed research outputs and other research information; and;
  • Promote the values of patience, prudence, diligence, respect, humility and congeniality, and the observance of the highest ethical standards in research-related activities, while maintaining the academic atmosphere.