Programs and Services

Propelled by the University’s vision-mission and goals, RPO seeks to accomplish its own vision and mission by:

  • Propelling faculty research productivity in a collaborative fashion;
  • Building faculty research capability;
  • Formulating, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reformulating the faculty incentive program, research development plans and action plans;
  • Spearheading the formulation/ reformulation, review and amendment of guidelines and policies governing the conduct ofresearch in the University;
  • Supervision of, providing assistance to and monitoring research projects/ undertakings in the University;
  • Serving as a clearinghouse of salient research findings and information for dissemination to both internal and external users;
  • Ensuring proper and uniform implementation of research policies and guidelines across colleges/department;
  • Assisting in the supervision of research classes;
  • Extending community & professional services through research collaborations and consortia;
  • Serving as a lead unit in planning and evaluation of institutional programs and undertakings.

RPO Services

  • Consultancy in Test Construction Instrument Development and Validation
  • Research Mentoring
  • Providing Faculty Research Capability Seminars and Trainings
  • Consultancy in Design of Experiments
  • PlagScan Service
  • SPSS Analysis (Statisticians: Dr. Grace Sadac, Dr. Arnel Sicat, Professor Grace Tiqui)
  • Ethics Review (In coordination with the Institutional Ethics Review Board {IERB})