Planning and Evaluation Activities

Planning Activities

Activity Date/Place Task Outcome
Presentation of the findings of the University wide consultation with stakeholders Feb. 8, 2017 RPO being the consolidator and presenter during the Unicom session Baseline data for strategic planning of the University
Feasibility Study of the Proposed Satellite Graduate School at Maimpis, CSFP 1st Sem AY 2016-2017


RPO as team leader of the project Baseline data for BOT decision-making
Development and review of policies, procedures and standards in research AY 2015-2016 (ISO), UA Assess and formulate policies, procedures and standards in accordance to the latest trends and global standards in research Updated policies and standards in research
Kanawan: A Conference on Integral Development and Social Responsibility November 12, 2015

SACOP, Maimpis, CSFP

RPO as co-organizer of SACOP in planning and spearheading the conference for the poor. Linkages and partnerships among GOs, NGOs, Corporations, Educational Institutions and Civil Societies.
FGD with stakeholders on the 7 Ps of Marketing AY2015-2016, UA RPO as co-organizer of Prof. Daniel Barrenechea, UA Marketing Consultant (AY 2015-2016)  the FGD with stakeholders Marketing strategies and interventions
Survey on K to 12 among Grade 7 and Grade 8 students of selected private and public elementary schools AY 2012-2013,

Schools in City of San  Fernando, Mexico, Guagua, Sto. Tomas

RPO Director being a member of the K to 12 Committee spearheaded the project upon the directive of the President


Coordination with EAMO and school principals was considered

Baseline data for K to 12 Committee planning

Evaluation Activities

Activity Duration Task Outcome
Periodic Evaluation of the Foundation Day Celebration January 12-13 Evaluate the activities of the celebration Baseline information to improve the celebration
Periodic Evaluation of Student Services February of the year Provide evaluation ratings on the services provided by the university to the students Baseline information for the improvement of student services
Regular validation of evaluation instruments of the different programs of the University All year round Validate instruments in terms of content and format Relevant evaluation data
Curriculum Evaluation Every three years Assist deans in evaluating the curricula e.g. UA Tracer Study Relevant findings for curriculum development and re-engineering
Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Every two to three years Assess the needs of the faculty in terms of competencies and skills in research and instruction Identification of topics and themes for the in-service training and seminars; areas for faculty improvement and continuing professional education