The Summit – 2018 Issue

Development of a scale to measure potentiality toward becoming a great educational leader
Arnel A. Usman

Specialized strategies for non-numerate grade seven student in facilitating learning number sense
Joelet D. Calma

Burnout and job satisfaction among educators: A meta analytic approach
Joana Marie D. Diaz

Looking into the social networking sites of senior high school students: A content analysis
Margaret T. Lacsamana

Exploring world Englishes in the cyber world: Implications for teaching academic English speaking and writing
Olivia C. Siabungco

Exploring predictors of teachers’ performance in barrio elementary schools:
A multiple regression study
Catherine T. Sigua

“The ideal vs. the actual”: An exploration of the junior high school P.E. curriculum in the context of K-12
Luwy R. Valenzuela

Deriving insights from the NCBTS results: Inputs for teacher development in the dawn of the post-implementation
Lorraine B. Castro

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