The Summit – 2019 Issue

Educational Leadership Attributes Scale: A proposed instrument for self-assessment of leadership attributes
Jovita G. Rivera

An ex-post facto analysis on the benefits of instructional games and touch math approach based on seventh graders’ perceptions
Maryann M. Garcia

Concrete-representational abstract sequence of instruction in geometry: An intervention for low performing eighth graders
Jasmine Marie D. Macalino

A closer look on the administration of standardized tests in the public school: Basis for policy review
Lara G. Tongol-David

Factors that drive female black belters to retain competitiveness, inputs for enhancing teaching practices in physical education
Lensen S. Alcarioto

Pagsusuri sa mga akdang pampanitikan sa gabay ng pagtuturo na lunsaran ng mga guro sa Filipino 8: Tungo sa paglikha ng mga pamantayan sa pagpili ng mga lunsaran at gawain sa pagtuturo-pagkatuto
Princess Ghay P. Naluz

Pagsusuri sa mga gawaing pasulat ng mga mag-aaral sa baitang 7 tungo sa pagpapaunlad ng pagtuturo sa intelektwalisadong pagsulat
Gladyz C. Gonzales

The lived experiences of loyal teachers:
Implications for catholic school leadership.
Rosemar A. Laxamana

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